The Zen Owl is a wake-up call for people from all walks of life who want to tune into the present and awaken to their future.


Founder Jason Myers incorporates various methodologies and philosophies to help clients integrate practical techniques into their daily lives that will help them release old patterns and move towards self-empowerment.   


Zen Owl clients seek assistance when they realize that they are not living to their full potential; it’s as if they have blinders on, a limited perception.  These clients want more, and Zen Owl helps them get there.   The goal is to support them in living their true, authentic selves.  

Why connect with your authenticity?  Because once you do, you will be energized in a way you never thought possible.  Difficult decisions, situations and people become easier when you tune into your intuition and something larger than yourself.

The Zen Owl offers the following services:

  • Group and one-on-one sessions that teach mindfulness

  • Intuitive consultation

  • Personalized, daily practices to move clients forward towards their dreams and goals

  • One-on-one accountability coaching


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Sometimes change is sparked by inspiration.
Get inspiration, mindful mindset hacks and tools for creating a shift within you.